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    Fast, Efficient & Professional!
    Emvertex Credit is here to provide financial support and service to our community.
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    Fast, Efficient & Professional!
    Emvertex Credit is here to provide financial support and service to our community.
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    Fast, Efficient & Professional!
    Emvertex Credit is here to provide financial support and service to our community.
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About Us

If you are in search of a reliable and trusted moneylender, Emvertex Credit (SG) Pte Ltd is the right avenue which provides you with our dedicated money lending services here in Singapore. Approved by the Insolvency and Public Trustee's Office (IPTO), we provide financial aid to applicants who are strapped with financial difficulties and problems ranging from corporate to personal loans. We are committed in providing our valued clients with competent and top-quality financial services that they can trust. Our company Registration Number is 201615635E and our MoneyLender License Number is 145/2016.

Our Profile

In recent years, there has been an influx of moneylenders in the country. Despite the growing number of moneylenders, there are not many which can cater to the changing needs of the borrower. For us, we believe in offering only the best services such as our flexible and exceptional payment terms which set ourselves apart from the other companies.

Besides that, knowing the benefits of loans in Singapore is quite a count. When it comes to this, Emvertex Credit offers our help and expertise to ensure that your loan is approved. We also ensure that with us, you will clinch the loan deals that suits you best. Loan applicants including Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs) and foreigners with valid employment passes also need not go through the arduous process of waiting hours and days for their loan to be approved. Recognised for our fast and efficient processes, loan applicants at Emvertex Credit can receive their loan timely after the approval is given.

On top of that, professionalism is key here at Emvertex Credit. We assure our applicants that their personal data and information are highly confidential and are well protected. As an experienced player in the industry, we tune our processes to ensure that the services we deliver are of top quality.

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Jumping into new business courses, funding home improvements and pursuing your own personal goals might be some common reasons for your loan. Our services are simple. We provide you with a fixed rate. With this fixed rate on their loans, loan applicants can be assured that they can have a dependable payment. We know that loan applications may seem complicated and tiring. However, as we work towards being your ultimate provider for your loans, we promise that there is minimal difficulties and hassle when it comes to the application process. In addition, we seek to cater to your needs and desires by tailoring our services such as flexible payment terms, fixed rate expected payment, suitable payment options as well as the flexible loan amounts.

Explore our Loan in Singapore

Personal loans - When it comes to personal loans, it includes financial aid for vacation that has long been planned, supporting a well deserved education, funding for home development and wedding arrangements. On the other hand, personal loan reasons may seem never ending however the goal of our company is just simple and that is to offer our loan applicants with hope that all of these will all come to reality.

Business loans - We, at Emvertex Credit offer loans in Singapore and at the same time we give financial assistance to business enthusiasts. It is a fact that loaning service in Singapore is a hit as it gives service to one of the most advanced population in the world. Singapore caters a fast evolving market with an industrialized audience. This is one of the reasons why business loans offered in Singapore is enticing and it can appeal to the public.

Pay day loans - This is also known as Payday Advance. It is an unsecure loan that provides financial reinforcement to help you to tide over a short span of time. The difference between payday loans and other loan options is that payday loans are low cost facility that helps our clients to get hold of loan approval in a least possible time.

Words of Appreciation from our Happy Clients

  • Emvertex Credit has friendly and reliable staffs that will give advise and explain the repayment plans clearly. They offer good repayment rates. I will definitely come back again when in need of loan!

    Joseph Lee

  • Emvertex Credit offers flexible plans and the staffs are helpful and patient. They explain the terms of the contract in a professional manner. I will continue to support Emvertex Credit!

    Mr Png

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